Friday, April 7, 2017

081 | Parenting is easy… Try Islamic Parenting

Parenting may seem easy for many because of its lack of understanding the right concept. They think that mere upbringing of children is parenting which is absolutely incorrect. Parenting is the upbringing of the children by giving them proper values at different stages. It demands the need of understanding of the kids mind right up to being teen. Later, the child must have the ability to develop himself towards the journey of adulthood and understand how a life should be led.

Even if the parenting may seem that easy.. I advice you to try Islamic Parenting.

Islamic Parenting demands being extra cautious that your child should not learn the bad habits that are prevailing in the society. Additionally, you need to inculcate in him the Islamic values right from very young age so that your child grows as a responsible person of the society as well as God-Fearing individual who enriches his personal and spiritual life.

Islamic Parenting includes preparing the child how to live in this world and be successful in the hereafter.

May Allah give us strength to inculcate Islamic reasoning in our parenting. Aameen.

Ifty Quotes | Parenting is easy… Try Islamic Parenting | Iftikhar Islam
Ifty Quotes | Parenting is easy… Try Islamic Parenting | Iftikhar Islam

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